Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The weather is quite gloomy today in Los Angeles. Rain has come abroad!!! I was just thinking about my last trip to New York in September and the must-have pieces in your wardrobe. They get all seasons, something us Californians don't.

Firstly, the basic trench coat. You see it in movies, and yes in reality, everyone is wearing one! Easy to throw over any basic sweater and jeans with boots. Ebay has the best pieces as affordable prices and unique designs:

Secondly, the old and the youngin's were wearing rain boots! We wear it here for fashion, but in New York they come handy in the harsh wind, rain, and snow. I searched a couple of spots for you:

Thirdly, you'll need some leggings! I had to buy a couple at f21 when i was there. The weather was just so chilly, nothing like Los Angeles. Our tees, jeans and blazer just doesn't cut it there. I'd have to layer a thermal and thick socks or something the next time i visist this time of the year.

And don't forget the best ones are on my site:

I love New York for one reason, fashion. You really get to wear everything and anything you want, since they get all four seasons. I would love the fur coats in winter, the cute rain boots in that rain and snow, and a beautiful city to stroll in during the spring and summer days. I had recorded a morning in New York and watched people exiting the subway on 34th street. There were so many fashionable individualists, that it's an inspiration for my own fashion expression. Though the camera with that video was lost, i can still see that morning and feel the tingling feeling you get when you're excited. I am excited, excited for what the future holds. One advice for you if you're planning to get into this industry: there's two ways to go in the US, either go to Los Angeles if you want to start your own business or go to New York if you want to work for others and in the long run, hope you hit it big and start your own company. For me, i want to start my own company and Los Angeles has the sources and is less expensive to start your own company. So, i hope to do business someday in New York, just not anytime soon.

Until the next blog, enjoy your week! -moddame

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