Thursday, September 29, 2011

A night at Hollywood Artwalk on Monday's. Not as big as the downtown Artwalk held once a month, but still a nice venue to chill with friends, good music, food, and room to dance.
 Yummy beef and chicken tacos are served inside the venue! The outfit of the night: a vintage inspired blouse from f21 (i own 2 vintage cuts like this already) Love the horse print. Also wearing an army green satin high waist short that was selling on my site: (sold out)! And h&m black leggings and booties.

I gained about 5 pounds so i'm going on a diet this week, ugh!! What works for me: a bowl of Total cereal and soy milk and maybe a couple of hard boiled eggs for breakfast. A salad with ham and vinagrette for lunch. Need the salt and black pepper LOL. And i try to skip dinner, i usually eat way to late! Only fruits and nuts for snacking (okay, sometimes a bag of flamin' lays.. my fav).

 The two people in my life who helped me love myself more, and learn. Life can offer so much with True Friends. Love you bros always!
 AJ was spinning this night, along with Ed Gold. Both amazing DJ's.

A couple of artists tonight:
Rachel Rubenstein does amazing artwork with texture. It caught my eye from across the room. There's wood chips and other pieces all glued and painted into this art piece.

Le Belle's artwork were made of masking tape. Leah purchased a graphic bag of a wolf, made from a tee shirt and tape. Her business cards were all individually handmade.

+Arthur Trujillo and I will be attending the EmergeLA Fashion Event this Friday @ The Holding Company here in Los Angeles. Check out facebook for more info on the event.

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