Sunday, April 3, 2011

A weekend in LA

Secondhand basic collar shirt, Urban Outfitter Derby
Pants available for sale $55 @ WWW.MODDAME.COM

Today's Accessory Picks
"secondhand bracelet, Vintage Dooney, Urban Outfitters hat, Diseal watch, and leftover memories"

Arthur the Bestie

Shopping Downtown LA

Out of Order Cropped Tee 

A visit to China Town & my worst LA friend "the meter"

"Indie Bags always a trend down south"

"Derby's still a fashion must"

Still searching for the perfect Sun hat

The "MUST HAVE" accessories- Crosses & Leather Vest key chain holder
Key chains $20 available @ WWW.MODDAME.COM

My weekend Lover @ Pho 71 in Chinatown

Back to downtown for shoe shopping at Arthur's recommended boutique

Vintage Neon Yellow Pumps *Yum*

Needed more basics

Knockout platforms for lunch & strolls

Amazing men's collection of faux fur boots

Being part of the industry has always been a dream. Just stepped out of the box and into what reality really was. Will be launching my shop-online website "WWW.MODDAME.COM" very soon! Follow up for fashion tips, trends, life, and very affordable LA fashion.
 Now time to rest, it was a very busy day. 


  1. Aw ! I love your pants so much ! ANd you are incredibly pretty !

    Let's follow each other !